Great Job to Matt, Candie, and Tony!

February 11, 2013

Our Used Car Manager, Matt Cunningham, received a very nice handwritten card from Mr. & Mrs. Duncan. And while we appreciate each and every customer compliment, this one stood out, and we would like to take a minute to recognize the great work of our employees.


The code of conduct you have framed on the wall [at the dealership] are not just words. You live up to the promise.

Thank you for helping us resolve an impossible situation. And you did it with grace and understanding and the utmost courtesy.

I know a good outcome would not have been possible had God not opened your hearts and minds. We are very grateful to God and to you, Matthew, Tony, and Candie.

Matthew [Used Car Manager] , Tony [Sales Consultant], and Candie [Finance Manager] live up to a higher standard.

Hank & Penny Duncan


Mr. & Mrs. Duncan, it was our pleasure to serve you, and we hope to earn your business again in the future.

Great job Matt, Candie, and Tony! Thank you for making Ed Schmidt shine in our community!


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