We Resolve to be Phenomenal

January 2, 2013

New Years.

It’s a time to reflect on the past year, to really ask yourself, am I being all that I can be?

Or if you’re Matt Urbaniak (Finance Manager), it’s a time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done:

Matt Urbaniak (Finance): My resolution? Be even more awesome this year. And I was pretty awesome last year.

Chris Peletier (Used Cars): In 2013, I am going to quit smoking.

Brian Kerekes (Used Cars): I resolve to grow my beard Duck Dynasty style.

Matt Cunningham (Used Cars): I want to lose the 35 pounds I gained in 2012. And I want to break the Used Car Sales record.

Steve Rosenburg (Used Cars): Start using the gym membership I’ve had since July.

Justin Miller (Fleet Manager): Work at least one Saturday and one late night… in 2013.

Tim Gladieux (VW Sales): I need to start working out again.

Scott Kondik (VW Sales): I want to start a family in 2013.

Adam Stockburger (VW Sales): I want VW to hit at least 900 units in 2013.

Tony Lake (Used Cars): I am going to brush up on my skills of being the baddest dude alive.
Rocky Rochte (Used Cars): I am going to quit smoking.
Andy Parish (Used Cars): I don’t need to make resolutions because I’m pretty much perfect.

Amy Campbell (Internet Sales): I am going to say something nice to my husband every morning and every night.

Ali Seibold (Internet Sales): I want to ditch this popsicle stand and become a famous actress on Broadway. *wink wink*

Bobbi Henry (Internet Sales): This year, I am going to finish my degree.

Scott Cooke (VW Sales): I want to gain 50 lbs. I am doing well at it. I don’t like to fail.

Brad Armstrong (VW Service): I want to own a VW, instead of just work on VWs. They are great cars!

Jeff Drew (VW Service): I’m going to stop smoking. Again. Cold turkey this time. Say prayers for me.

Brian Butler (VW Service): I want to finish all of my VW projects.

Collin Bell (VW Parts): I need to stop smoking.

Scott Anderson (VW Service): In 2013, I am going to further myself with VW certifications!

Ben Lahman (VW Service): I am going to quit smoking.

Terry Kalmbach (VW Service): In 2013, I am going to be more organized.

Tiffany Gagle (VW Service): I am going to stay fit for my wedding in 2013!

Deanna Ludwig (Office Manager): I am not goofing up one paycheck in 2013!

Tim Berger (GMC Service): This year, I am going to quit drinking pop.

Craig Thomas (GMC Service): I want to make more money in 2013!

Dave Tomanciek (Wreck Center): I am going to lose some weight this year.

Rob Johnson (GMC Sales): I need to avoid crazy women.

Randy Kaufman (GMC Sales): I need to lay off my kids a little bit in 2013.

Mike Schmidt (Schmidt Lease): I am going to try to lose weight, go to the gym, and quit smoking.

Terry Hacker (GMC Service): When you’re perfect, you don’t need resolutions.

Everett Draper (Detail): I resolve to get in better shape.

Sam Anderson (Wreck Center): I want to bench press 250 lbs. this year.

Grey Barkhau (Wreck Center): This year, I am going to spend more time with my family.

Al McGaharan (Wreck Center): In 2013, I want to run all the other body shop’s out of business. I’m taking no prisoners!

What about you? What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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