Winterize Your Car

December 10, 2012

It’s time for all of you in Northwest Ohio to winterize your car. Unless you’re like my friend, Chuck Norris.

Chuck doesn’t winterize his car, he likes it to freeze up so he can use it as a sled.

But if you’re not Chuck Norris, follow these simple tips.

Keep the salt off your car by washing it weekly.

Salt eats the paint on your car and causes it to rust.

My friend, Chuck, picks up his car and shakes the salt off to use in his saltshaker, and then he drives his car through Niagra Falls to get it clean. But again, a lot of us are not like Chuck Norris.

 Check your tire pressure often.

Chuck Norris just carries his car when the tires get low.

Cold weather reduces the tire pressure on your vehicle, resulting in a possible flat tire, tire pressure lights coming on in your car, or reduced gas mileage.

This is perfectly normal as it gets colder. Bring your vehicle into the dealership, and we can check your pressure, fill your tires, and get that pesky light to go away. We do it for free, as a courtesy to you!

Make sure you have good, or new, wiper blades.

Being able to see is very important in the winter, and quality wiper blades are a must. Being stuck behind a truck in slushy weather is not safe when you can’t see. Ice, cold weather, and salt will wear your wiper blades down.

My friend, Chuck, doesn’t bother with wipers; he just sticks his arm out the window to wipe it clean.

Let your car run for 15 minutes, before driving, to warm it up.

Warming up your vehicle will help the oil flow better and lubricate the moving parts in your engine. It also creates a more comfortable car for your daily commute.

My friend, Chuck, just blows on the engine a couple of times, and the car is good to go.

Don’t yank on your car door if it’s frozen shut.

You could break the seals by yanking on your door. And dumping hot water on your door is tempting, but don’t use hot water to melt the ice. Hot water could break the glass, freeze again, or damage your keyhole.

Chuck Norris never uses his doors. He took his off the hinges. He loves the cold air blowing through his car, but you should consider a deicer.

Make sure to refresh the fluids in your car to keep it running smoothly.

My friend, Chuck, just drains his fluids–he cooks with the oil and brushes his teeth with the coolant.

Winter is never a good time to run old or low fluids in your vehicle. Did you know coolant can actually freeze? We test your coolant for free at the dealership. Just bring it in!

Now,  I don’t really know Chuck, but I do know Ed Schmidt. Those of us, who are mere mortals, should pay a visit to the dealership before winter sets in with a vengeance.  Ed Schmidt will do free tire pressure and coolant checks.

We’re running a $99 detail special!

I’m sure my friend Chuck is giving several details to friends as Christmas presents, probably through spit-shine, but professional detailing is a great way to get salt off your car and keep it looking fresh during these nasty winter months.

Chuck Norris and I wish you a safe and happy holiday!

Scott Anderson has been with the company for just over two years. He quickly worked his way into the VW Service Department from our instant oil change facility. Scott is a real ladies man, drives a truck, is very strong, and super smart. So we guess he does have some things in common with Chuck Norris.

Sort of.



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