Bringing Back Cool: Volkswagen Jetta SE vs. Honda Civic LX

October 4, 2012


A word synonymous with Don Draper, 50’s fashion and cool cars.

Fashion has taken a back seat (no pun intended) since then, but we can rest easy knowing that cars have made a comeback with the company who brought us the original cool car: Volkswagen.

In the 50’s VW gave us the Beetle and today they gave given us the Jetta, an ultra sleek, contemporary designed vehicle, that makes the hard to believe that they’ve packed so much “cool” into one car.

Volkswagen’s latest generation Jetta is not only the best looking one to date, it’s also the most efficient, reliable and value driven vehicle since. Let’s look further into the Jetta and compare the Honda Civic LX to the Jetta SE.


Powering the Honda is a four cylinder 1.8L engine producing 140hp/128 lb-ft tq. The Jetta charges ahead using a five cylinder 2.5L engine while generating 170hp/177lb-ft tq. The Jetta also provides 4 wheel disc brakes, while the Civic only has front disc brakes and rear drums. The Jetta is cooler.



  • Jetta Corrosion & Perforation = 144 months / unlimited miles
  • Civic Corrosion & Perforation = 60 months / unlimited miles
  • Jetta Roadside Assistance = 36 months / 36,000 miles
  • Civic Roadside Assistance = NONE
  • Jetta Maintenance Covered (includes oil changes!) = 36 months / 36,000 miles
  • Civic Maintenance Covered = NONE

Do you see a trend beginning here? The Jetta is cooler.


Leather comes standard in the Jetta. And there are only cup holders in the front seat of the Civic, where the Jetta has cup holders in the front and back. The Jetta also comes with 2 power outlets, where the Civic has only one. Heck, the vanity mirror even lights up in the Jetta, and the trunk has a remote release (both features are lacking in the Honda). Jettas also have an extra two inches of leg room in the backseat and a larger trunk.

The Civic drops the ball with the internal details. The Jetta is cooler.

Stereo Systems

Music can make a driving experience. The Honda boasts an AM/FM stereo, seek-scan, in-dash mounted single CD, MP3 decoder, theft deterrent, window grid antenna, and radio steering wheel controls. The Jetta offers all of that, plus Satellite radio (which is free for the first 90 days!). The Jetta is cooler.


VW provides a safer driving experience with heated side mirrors, larger wheels, and better tires. It even comes standard with a full spare tire, instead of the doughnut Honda provides.

Really look at these two vehicles. Which one would you rather be seen in while driving around town? The Jetta is cooler.


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