Don’t Run Your Gas Tank Low

September 28, 2012

You would think, working at a car dealership and all, that I would know better.

But I have a terrible habit. I tend to pull into the gas station on fumes and a prayer.

Don’t let your gas tank run low.

This bad habit of mine caused my fuel pump to burn out. The repair was upwards of $600. I can think of a lot more things to do with $600 than repair my vehicle because of my bad habits.

When you allow your fuel level to get low, the fuel pump has to work much harder to produce the amount of pressure required to fuel the vehicle. The pump overworks itself, overheats, and then becomes permanently damaged. Which, make sense, right?


A good rule of thumb is to keep at least a 1/4 of a tank of gas in your vehicle.

Allow my mistake to be your learning experience.

Don’t pull into the gas station on prayers and fumes!

Rob Johnson is the GMC Sales Manager for Ed Schmidt Auto, Inc. Besides driving around with very little gas and managing our dealership, Rob spends him time ensuring his son becomes a professional athlete. We are pretty convinced his son will become the next “big thing”. Sort of like his dad.



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