Awesomely Altered Volkswagens!

August 20, 2012

We can all agree, Volkswagen owners like to have fun with their vehicles.

And as long as you’re not messing up your warranty, we say, go for it! Awesomely altered Volkswagens rock!

Warren Gunter’s Durachrome Bug Funny Car of the late 1960s and early 1970s was emblematic of the class’ evolving nature; no experiment or idea was too radical, no gimmick too out there in the pursuit of bookings and fan interest.

VW Bus lovers love a little paint. And so do we!

Get out of the way, traffic! VW Tank coming through! I could have used this for my first car. Oh wait, my first car was sort of tank-ish.

VW Vanagon? Done and done. This baby has a Subaru Turbo drivetrain.

You can Bedazzle just about anything. The 2 million glass beads on this Beetle prove it!

Even side cars want in on the action! We want a scooter like this!

But it what’s on the inside that counts. And our very own Volkswagen Service Technician, Brian Butler, can alter a ride like no other. Here’s a 1997 GTI VRT that he altered.

Engine rebuilt. Check. Transmission rebuilt. Check. Schrick 268 Camshaft. Check. Garret T04B Turbocharger. Check. New intake manifolds. Check.

Wowza! Now that’s what we call craftsmanship!

Be sure to “Like” Brian’s Facebook page, where he shows off his work.

What alterations do you like on a Volkswagen?

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