Customer Love Letter: Dear Tim Gladieux

August 14, 2012

Hi Bobbi (Henry),

Tim Gladieux came out to meet me when I pulled onto the Ed Schmidt Volkswagen lot on Saturday.  Tim was very nice, down to earth, and honest–something I found to be quite amazing these days given the type of salespeople I usually run into.  One thing is for certain, I was definitely impressed with the car, the salesman, and the dealership…and that’s not just an idle compliment.

Thanks for everything,



Dear Sue,

Thanks for taking the time to show us the love! We sort of like Tim, too.


The Ed Schmidt Management Team

Tim Gladieux is a VW Salesman. While his good looks and charm are enough to get him by, he happens to be a super nice dude, who can even convince his mom to write in with a compliment for him every now and then. We’re just kidding. We totally made sure this wasn’t his mother. Connect with Tim on Facebook


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