Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency

July 23, 2012

Fuel efficiency is a big deal right now in new cars, however, not everyone can afford the new cars that boast 40 miles per gallon. Thankfully, we know how to help.

Tip 1: Use Better Oil (And Get Regular Oil Changes!)

A lot of people just get the cheapest oil when getting an oil change. Car maintenance can be costly and when you have a choice, most people either skip oil changes or go for a lower quality oil. Take it from me, not a good idea! I once went  for an oil change 7 months late! I was getting low fuel economy and taking a big risk with my car engine. Upgrading your oil to something that is better for your engine and maintaining a regular schedule of oil changes is a great way to stretch your mpg. Just ask the service manager or oil change technician what the best oil choice for your vehicle would be!

Tip 2: Align Your Wheels

Getting your tires rotated and having your alignment checked is an important factor in engine efficiency. Think of all those potholes and uneven patches of road you hit everyday to and from work, dance lessons, soccer games, and school! That causes some serious wear and tear on your poor tires! By getting your wheels aligned and rotating your tires, you cut down on tire wear and help maximize your fuel efficiency.

Tip 3: Lighten Your Load

This may sound like a no brainer but, the more stuff you haul around everyday, the harder your car has to work! Running errands all day with big bags of dog food, cat litter, bikes, or just a lot of everyday stuff can really take a toll on your fuel economy. Every little bit can add up. Try to narrow it down to the essentials. Not only will your car be cleaner but you will get better gas mileage!

Tip 4: Plan Ahead

Did you know it can take up to 2 miles to warm your engine for optimal fuel efficiency? Try to combine your trips so you aren’t just running up to the corner store and back. Combining trips and avoiding rush hour can really help increase your time between fill ups.

Tip 5: Dress for the Weather

There are a lot of things you do in your car that you may not realize take away from your fuel efficiency. For example, if you turn up the heat instead of wearing a jacket or turn up the AC instead of taking off your jacket, you are hurting your fuel efficiency. Even something like having the radio on but turned all the way down instead of just turning it off is effecting your fuel efficiency.

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